Welcome to Brazeau Regional Search & Rescue

This we do so that others may live...

The Brazeau Regional Search and Rescue (BRSAR) group was formed in 1995, after volunteers helped to search for a teenager who had disappeared in the North Saskatchewan River. After participating, some of those volunteers believed that there was a community need for a group of people who had been trained in proper search methods. These volunteers came together and BRSAR was created.

BRSAR is a non profit emergency service organization dedicated to providing professional volunteers to assist local agencies such as the RCMP, municipalities and parks when tasked.

Since then, BRSAR has been involved in hundreds of searches and has provided thousands of person hours of community service through searches and community awareness programs such as Adventure Smart programs, Trip Planners etc…

Our area of responsibility is the Drayton Valley, Breton, and Evansburg RCMP detachment areas, but we can be called upon to help other Search and Rescue groups anywhere within the province.

Our members are expected to acquirer and maintain training to a professional level as required by our tasking agencies, in such disciplines as Tracking, Wilderness First Aid, Radio usage, wilderness survival, evidence searches, and all paper work required.

It is important to remember, however, that our members are unpaid professionals.  The group offers different roles including ground searchers, trackers, and support roles such as adventure smart instructors, executives, and board members.

Brazeau Regional Search and Rescue – “helping to bring the lost and injured home”